Thursday, April 1, 2010

Agency Life.

I just finished reading a book that Evan lent me entitled “And Then We Came To The End”. It’s about life at a marketing agency in Chicago. I work at a marketing agency! Evan used to as well, he was my an intern. Eh, an SMG intern. For a team that I didn’t belong to. But I still made him do stuff.

But, the agency in the book was VERY similar to mine. It mentioned the Creative team, with their toys and Nerf balls. While I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Nerf ball thrown around (I type that as I slowly push aside the “Rapid Fire Dart Blaster” under my desk), there are toys all over the place. I wish I could say it was just because we have a toy company as a client. We do, but that’s certainly not the only reason. And things get thrown around often… but mostly just Roberto.
Me: Roberto, make a sad face like I just told you people are going to throw you around.

There are also the mismatched couches in conference rooms for brainstorms. People can wear whatever they want. And for the most part, people can say whatever they want. It’s a comfortable, casual and open atmosphere. It's pretty ideal.

I like where I work a lot. It’s like that episode of "The Office", when Jim is asked why he’s liked working in Scranton, and he replies, “The people.” If someone said, “What’s your favorite thing about your office?” I’d say, “The TV in the lobby, being able to play Michael Jackson all day, covering my desk in Tina Fey pictures, wearing whatever I want, the little black spot on the wooden floor that we call Mr. Oinks because it looks like a pig, Summer Fridays, free coffee in the morning, being able to afford my shoe habit, biodegradable utensils, the awesome view of the city and… sending out hilarious, passive-aggressive emails.”

Oh, and fine, the people. Not biodegradable utensils. I don't give a shit about biodegradable utensils.

Mr. Oinks

Eventually she got hired.

Get away from my desk, Kyle cow!

Where's Vince?

In-house strippers.

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