Friday, April 16, 2010

Butt Walls.

That's me! Look how relatively pretty I am! Relatively!

Something crazy happened last night.
We sat in a different section of the Diva Lounge.

Doesn't it look so weird?
So many pastel lights that look like giant butts.
Butt walls!

If there's anything we've gained from our show in Davis Square,
it's a love for the bars, and they love us right back.
They even gave us free green shots at Diva!

Don't mind if I do!

(Yes, that is a screen playing Bollywood videos, but they actually play Top 40 music in the bar. It's hilarious to imagine those are the videos for the songs.)

Also, I'd like to thank Kirsten Opstad for being genuinely awesome.
Love that tramp.

1 comment:

Kirsten! said...

And the tramp loves you.


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