Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Career Girl in a Career World

Why don’t we all do what we want to do?

Time? Money? Lack of talent? Lack of experience? No connections? Wrong degree? No will power?

I wish, as a people, we all had more drive. Last week, I sat on the porch with Evan, Quinn and Marty and I asked everyone what they wanted to do with their life. Fame. Glory. Grad school. A nice girl.

Is it bad that I don’t think of my future as involving anyone else? I mean, of course I’d like to meet someone and get married and have all that stuff happen. But I don’t expect to sacrifice my career. I want to devote my time to me – and making what I want to do a reality – then have the rest fall into place.

Of course, I say this… as I sit on several ideas and nothing tangible. I have tons of interests, wants and hopes for my future, but I’m not doing anything about it. Except, well, the whole comedy thing. And I certainly see a future in that. And I’m actually working towards that goal. Evan said to me last week after I finished the book he lent me, “That’s going to be you someday, Poots! Writing novels!”

… then why don’t I do anything about it? That’s what I want to do!

Because I have no drive! I sit around and use the “emboss” feature to turn all my good pictures into hideous looking ones and post them on this blog! Then I go outside and hang out on the porch all day. Oh, and I work. That, too… and do shows.

But still! Sure, life is hard… getting where we want is hard… but WHO CARES?

Me! And everyone else not doing what they want! Or... working all that hard for it.

I'll wait another few years -- I've got a good thing going on right now. And then maybe another few years. Eh, we'll see. I'm tired.

Oh, and look at this t-shirt designed by Evan. Based on my last blog post. He's a... weirdo. My favorite weirdo!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely and did the same thing. The right person will support your goals, anyway. There's nothing inherently selfish about wanting to carve out the life you envision for yourself. We all deserve it.


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