Saturday, April 24, 2010

girls, girls, girls.

I need to have an intervention with myself.

Every time I see a magazine, and I read a lot of them, I rip out pictures of pretty girls. Mainly pretty girls that I like. Tina Fey, Christina Hendricks (see above)... ladies from ads who are wearing cute clothes.

I take said pictures of Tina Fey and Christina Hendricks (see above) and I put them on my wall. I mean, obviously. I love Tina Fey. She has some sexy pictures - but they're also goofy and funny. But Christina Hendricks, that girl is just hot. And that's why I like her. She's a hot red head. Today I searched for Esquire with her on the cover... and couldn't find it. I got aggravated.

I love you.

I *never* do  this with pictures of guys. In fact, if you asked me what guys I had crushes on... I don't think I'd come up with an answer for you right away. OK, well, Neil Patrick Harris. But he's gay! It doesn't count!

Also, the only guy I have on my wall is.... Michael Jackson.

My life is weird.

1 comment:

Christina Hendricks Gallery said...

As long as you keep cutting out pictures of christina hendricks and tina fey, I think you'll be ok!


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