Monday, April 26, 2010

Growing Up Is Hard

I've been wondering for the past few seconds whether our lives and relationships are like those of T.V. shows.

I loved Gilmore Girls. Every Tuesday at 8, I'd be home hanging out with it - all throughout high school. Then, I got to college, and I kind of just... stopped. I'd tune in every now and then, but ultimately, I just stopped watching. I went off and lived my life - and Gilmore Girls finished out its life, and I barely know what happened in it.

It's like any relationship or friendship we have. We hang out all the time, we form bits, we make jokes, we're there for each other when we need each other. And eventually, we grow up and grow apart. Every now and then, we check in with each other - see what's happening. Maybe get some dinner, or a drink - maybe even kiss again, or do other things we shouldn't be doing with people we've had romantic relationships with. But, ultimately, we go off and live our own lives and forget to keep checking in, so we end up sitting on our porches to escape our families, thinking, "I wonder how they are doing..." 

I think that's happening right now. I think we're all growing up. I think we're out of college, and we're not kids, and we've got lives and responsibilities. So, it's hard to maintain these relationships we had during those years when we didn't have these things. Especially when you're not sure what it was that made you friends - maybe it was the lack of responsibilities, the closeness.... just being kids who shared the same problems. But when those problems go - what's left?

It's probably more grown up to let it go out on a high note (unlike Gilmore Girls) and remember it for all the times it was there for you, and still love it a whole lot - but realize it just isn't your time anymore.

I guess I take my T.V. shows pretty seriously.

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