Friday, April 9, 2010

Have a GREAT weekend!

hey guys, let's all have a good weekend. all right?
let's tell each other we're great.
let's go see shows.
let's kiss some strangers.
and let's have a ball.
wait, one of those wasn't right.
we can't have a ball, we're not royal family! silly Patty.

i'm going to see Trevor and Kelly have their final Seriously Bent show.
(i really can't believe it. i also can't believe mine was TWO years ago.)
then i'm going to kiss them.
i also might celebrate my friend matt's birthday.
and have dinner with a friend from college in the North End.
either way, i'll probably have a drink or two this weekend.

what are you doing?
whatever it is - i hope you don't regret your choices.
nor that you get a butterfly tramp stamp.

in conclusion,
look at how when my friend Matt uploaded a picture of him and a mannequin on FB,
Facebook thought he was the MANNEQUIN.
(they really do look alike!)

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