Thursday, April 29, 2010

Laughed So Hard I Crypuked.

I just tried to write this blog like four different times. I have no way to explain why I laughed so hard last night. So hard that I nearly collapsed next to someone's home because DiBello walked through a wire fence without realizing he was doing so. And before we walked into a bar, why did I yell "They're going to check id's!" as if we weren't all over 21? I also can't explain why I threw up in the bathroom.

No, I can explain that. Free wine = cheap wine = bad.

I just love hanging out with Awkward Compliment. They've got my back.

I am never going to get married, am I? I don't know what guy would ever be OK with the fact that I come in a variety pack with four other guys. And all of their names are tattooed on my body.

All of them.

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