Wednesday, April 21, 2010

not so wordless.

i'm out of words.
all my brainpower has gone to sketch writing.
and watching Kiley in the Second City show!
(which was awesome - by the way)
and drinking fancy drinks at the beehive.
i've got a busy week.
and i'm still very tired.
and my mind is racing a mile a minute --
but i'd rather that than nothing.

but i'd like to note that i love my friends.
the ones who are home with black eyes and broken noses :(
the ones who hold my hand, walk me home, let me vent and forgive me for being crazy (at least i hope so!)
the ones who are living their dreams & performing in shows,
the ones who call me "cupcake" and "muffin" and "crackhead"
the ones who text me "i showered!!" b/c it's actually a huge accomplishment,
the ones who i buy drinks for because they're poor,
and the ones who buy me drinks because i'm poor.
and so many  more varieties of friends!

okay, back to writing!

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