Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh My, Shanghai Surprise

On Saturday night, a few of us celebrated Trevor and Kelly’s final Seriously Bent show. We went to the back room lounge at The Shang. It’s the most hilarious room in Boston. The wallpaper is black with flowers on it – and it’s peeling off the wall. Everything is… old. It looks like a vintage lounge that hasn’t been renovated since the 60’s. It’s awesome.

We shared a few scorpion bowls – that were lit on fire - in the dimly lit lounge. When we got good and liquored up – we decided to head downtown to do some karaoke. The place we had in mind said we could go on without paying a cover, but we wouldn’t get a song in.

Oh hell no.

So, my friend Mat Dann made a creepy phone call and said he knew a place in Chinatown. So, we headed to Shanghai (Shang was a theme of the night) and walked right in. Immediately , there was a tiny Asian girl singing karaoke. We knew we found our place.

We spent the night – a group of 10+ idiots – singing karaoke in an Asian karaoke bar. They did have options in English. So, we sang some Prince, Queen, Blondie and many others. It was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Walking into a bar in a neighborhood I never hang out in – there was no cover, it wasn’t crowded on a Saturday night and I was with great people.

Mat Dann closed the night out by singing karaoke with a group of Chinese people. They didn’t seem to hate him. And when they walked away when it was over, he yelled “Where are you going you little cupcakes?”

I had a fabulous weekend. I learned some dance moves from hipsters (who deemed me hip!), I was a flip cup champion, I kissed a lot of gay guys, I bought myself flowers, I saw two awesome shows, I sang “One Way or Another” and “Let’s Go Crazy” successfully, sat in the sun, made the official 2010 SUMMER MIX with Evan (well, he made it. I sat there), and I ate Dominos at 3am while playing Apples to Apples and talking about how much we all love each other.

Hipster puppy.

Staring contest.

Congrats guys!

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