Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, The Places You'll Go...

Trevor on a plane. [From Chicago, year #1]

My very first trip was to North Conway, New Hampshire. Well, Lincoln, NH if you want to get real. My dad had a friend with a cottage, and we'd rent it for two weeks every summer. I remember sitting on my couch on top of a pile of blankets, watching Happy Days, ready to get up and GO! We'd swim in a lake, we'd take boat rides, we'd take trains up mountains, we'd mini-golf, we'd shop at L.L. Bean, I'd sing and make up dances, my dad would drive a bunch of my friends up and surprise me. It was a very fun time.

The first time I ever flew in a plane was when my mom, sister and I went to Disney World. I remember being terrified - and my dad convincing me that it'd be okay to stay behind. He's been afraid of flying since being in the Marines. (Funny story: It has nothing to do with being in the Marines. It has more to do with once when he was landing and they couldn't do it, so they flew around in circles for hours. But fighter planes? No big deal.) From the second we took off, I was in love.

I've always been in love with traveling. When going on a trip, I pack weeks ahead of time. Then realize I need clothes - so I unpack and pack again. I make lists of everything I'll need and I feel no greater satisfaction than zipping up a suitcase. I love waking up early to catch flights, taking off, landing, even waiting in a terminal for a flight [with Starbucks in hand.] But, for some reason, I only go to the same places. A million times. New Hampshire, a million times. NYC, 6, Disney, 5. Chicago, 3. Vegas, 2. Washington, D.C., 2. Pittsburgh, 1. I don't even own a passport!

I've always wanted to do something different and new. But, then I book another trip to Vegas and call that wordly because I hang out in the Paris casino [I don't think they drink giant pina coladas out of Eiffel Tower cups in real Paris...] Or, I'll visit Epcot and walk through Mexico and call it a trip.

So I'm on a mission!

Over the next 2-3 years, I want to take a lot more trips. I want to get out of the Northeast. Fly futher west than Vegas. See a different ocean. Go somewhere they don't speak English. See art that I studied in college in REAL life. I'm not made of money - I'm no Slumdog Millionaire (aka Brian DiBello). But, I want to try out a few places I've been meaning to try:

San Francisco


Where else should I go?! I love art, culture, and going out and doing things. I'm not a "relaxing vacation" type of girl. Although, I wouldn't be opposed.

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