Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scandal at the LOFT

Here's the DEAL.

About a month ago I bought a skirt for about $70 at the LOFT. I've been meaning to return it for a new one because it's too big (Yay!) so, I finally got around to doing so today.

I walk into the store and can't find the skirt. So, I look for something else I could exchange it for. In the sale section, I find the skirt. It's reduced to $55. So, I decide to find something else too! I find a shirt. And then I realize, I could really scam the Loft and return the skirt for its full price and get the same skirt and a new item for the same price. Those fools. They wouldn't even know what hit them.

So I walk up and say "Hey, LADY. I'm going to return this skirt. Oh! But what's this? I'm getting the skirt AGAIN for a different price?! WHAT! And another shirt?!? HOLY SHIT. I'M SCAMMING YOU OUT OF MONEY." Slightly embellished quote.

Turns out.

The LOFT is totally fine with that.

In fact, the lady was super excited for me.

"Wow! This is great! You get two things for the price of the other! You got to shop today without actually spending any money!"

Yeah. I know lady. You're ruining my EVIL PLAN!

Ugh.  Another day, another rule book unbroken.

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