Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Second City.

Even though I already bought tickets for next week's show,
I was offered free tickets and went to see it ahead of time!
Because when your roommate's in the show - why shouldn't you?

That's my roommate! (Kiley!)
And Micah, formerly of IA!
For improvisers - this is kind of amazing.
Your name, your face on The Second City poster.
More importantly, being in The Second City show!

The show was a Boston-themed show, and was written mainly by people not from here.
A couple of months ago Kiley took them driving around and talked about the city with them
- and they must have picked up a lot of information because they kinda nailed it.
It was so funny, so great... and I'm SO proud of Kiley.
She's the most talented person in the world!

Oh, and Cavan and Trevor are boyfriends in the South End.

And Kelly lives in a garden.

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