Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Theme Parties.

I have always loved my birthday. Not only because I get presents and gifts and drinks and showered with love. Those aspects are all great. (Don't worry - I'm working on my wish list.) But because I genuinely just enjoy gathering all of my friends together and having a good time.

But, I've always wanted to throw a theme party. Like a black and white party. Or a mime party. Or a Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego party.

I saw this Red Balloon theme party on a blog that I read, You Are My Fave, and I was so inspired! I love French things, and The Red Balloon. I could probably get away with this without it being too theme-y.

A picture on the (Facebook) invitation like this.
(Although, I would not use that adorable little boy.
I am not a little boy.)

Look at those sandwiches!


And red balloons, of course!

Get ready for an invite, y'all.
May 18th. Mark it.

All images via this post on You Are My Fave.
It's an adorable blog.

P.s. I'm not a little boy... right?

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