Friday, April 23, 2010

tired friday.

OK. Fine. I'll admit it.  I stayed out a little too late last night. Later than usual. I went to a cast party at the fancy new W Hotel for IA and Second City. Then we had an "after-party" at our theatre (breaking it in and making it our own!) I loved it. I loved hanging out with my friends. I loved singing with Cavan. Dancing with Evan. Snapping with Casey. Hugging Quinn!
People kept saying, "Oh my god, I have to be up so early!" (myself included) and then I thought about it... and realized that Friday was going to suck. We'd wake up, we'd hate our lives, but we were all having a good time - and we could all count on Saturday to be a better day. With that mentality, I stayed out til 6am. I get up for work at 8am.

No, but really, today sucks.

But at least Evan and Quinn are the CUTEST friends in the world!

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