Friday, April 23, 2010


gotta leave that 9-5 up on the shelf.
and just enjoy yourself.
- sir jackson.

after work, i'm sleeping.
i don't feel even SLIGHTLY guilty about it.
friday night naps are the best.
also, my sister's coming home this weekend.
and i have a ton of fun sketches prepared for sunday's rehearsal :)

we're back baby.

also, here's a round-up of things i neglected to mention this week:

kiley came back!
banjo's going home to Chicago :(
(that's kiley's suitcase... and banjo hidden inside.)

(closer look)

administrative professional's day. aka my work loves me!

tapas after work =  best meal i've ever had.
we cooked our own food at the table.
love those New York HR guys.

embarassing matt jacobs on his birthday.
best AMP celebration yet.
these were left all over the office...

this is what was done with them:

Love this place.

happy weekend!

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