Monday, May 10, 2010

Busy Bee!

busy weekend time.

afternoon bolo toss.
i just clapped, stared at cute puppies and held up a ticket stub that said "Go Richie!" on it.

Secret engagement pictures. Look how in love we are!

Party in our tiny, tiny apartment. Somehow we managed.

Me and my favorite boys. Shark Boy and Quinnbot.

Brunch at the DiBellos! Look at Casey's brunch outfit.

griffin celebrating mother's day.

Goodbye party for the Second City show!
Where we sang, danced and played Celebrity. Super fun.

i also pretended i was french at Gaslight.
ate chinese food for mother's day.
hung out with my sister.
watched Betty White on SNL.
hung out with mike anastasia
(his imdb profile is up 5% in popularity this week)

i like my life.

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