Monday, May 24, 2010

Keep It In Ya Pants!

Let’s face it. As a teen, I was a bit of a pop fanatic. I’d sit in my room, singing Britney Spears songs to my Backstreet Boys posters. I loved all of it. Obviously, I still do. Constantly playing Michael Jackson – and back in his day, he was a pop star. Some people even call him the King of Pop! And by some people, I mean like everyone.

Regardless, I lived and breathed pop music. So, on Saturday night, when I was having fun with my friends Kelly and Marty, we watched Britney’s SNL moments (because Marty has it on DVD...) – I watched her performances and enjoyed her dancing (and hated her bad acting). But, there was a moment when Justin Timberlake came out and introduced her, and I said, “Aw man, I really liked them. What happened, why’d they break up?”

“She cheated on him with Wade Robson.” said Marty

“Oh yeah! WHAT A DOUCHE BAG. SHE IS AN IDIOT. Oh god, now I hate her! I was liking her all night and then I just remembered that and now I hate her. What an idiot.”

And then I got over it. I mean, I’m not over it. She’s dumb! Who cheats on JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE for a back-up dancer/choreographer?!? But, I've moved on.

Then, we were talking about Chris Brown and Usher in rehearsal yesterday. I said, “I don’t like Chris Brown, I like Usher better. The original Chris Brown.”

“You like Usher better than Chris Brown?!? But he cheated on Chili!” said Trevor. (Chili's from TLC. Are we all on the same page?)
“OH MY GOD. OH YEAH! WHAT AN IDIOT! Oh god, now I hate Usher!”

(although, let’s be honest, I’d take cheating over getting THE SHIT BEAT OUT OF ME by Chris Brown!)

Anyway, I guess I have to brush up on my 90’s pop stars and remember which ones I like, which ones I don’t and why.

Ugh, Wade Robson. Really?


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