Friday, May 21, 2010

The Results Are In

Yesterday, before I got all dog crazy and posted a picture of that adorable little puppy inside of a cup, I said “I need to re-evaluate my life” based on my “crush decisions”.

The truth is – I have a lot of girl crushes. I don’t want to sleep with women. That’s a fact. But, I’m all for female empowerment, and I like a lady who embodies that. I’m inspired by certain women, and I want to be surrounded by things that inspire me. So that’s why my walls are covered with retro pin-up girls, pictures of Tina Fey and Michael Jackson. I don’t know where the MJ part factors into that.

But, I’ve thought about this long and hard, and I’ve narrowed down my male crushes. Crushes that I have purely because I’m attracted to them and want to spend long nights not talking about improv with them.

1. Neil Patrick Harris. Sure, he’s gay. But have you seen him? Super funny. Super cute. Great bod.

2. Jason Segel. Love those giant goofs.

3. Justin Timberlake. (Not to be confused with Evan Kaufman… by Evan Kaufman.) This one is dumb, sure, and it goes against everything I thought as a child (BSB4lyfe!) but, I can’t help but swoon when he sings, dances or appears on SNL.

4. Matt Damon. Funny. Talented. I like how he got where he is and the decisions he makes.

5. John Krasinski. Also a Boston guy, and totally adorable.

6. Jon Hamm. This guy can wear a suit. And he's been on both 30 Rock and Mad Men. They're my favorite shows! Also, his commentary on 30 Rock episodes with Jack McBrayer.... hilarious.

7. Paul Rudd. He's done it for me since Clueless.

I think that's all. None of these guys really look alike, do they? I don't have a type, do I? I guess funny guys who make smart business decisions.

Tina, I still like you best!

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