Monday, June 21, 2010

A dollop of weekend...

My weekend was filled with the following:

Sunshine! (too much of it, ouchhhh.)
The Venga Boys
Singing "What's Up?" by the 4-Non Blondes... at the top of my lungs.
Verano dogs
Falling asleep while playing Apples to Apples on a couch.
Where’s Waldo?
Little kids using fountains as bedets
Writing (lots of that, too)
Discovering I’m terrible at Frisbee. (Was it really that surprising?)
Polka dots

Even though I hung out with the same people throughout the weekend, I was perfectly content the whole time. I have a great group of friends! And when Monday rolled around (that’s today, for the record) I woke up happy and ready to go to work!

No I didn't. That's not true. That's never true. I am a miserable human being in the morning, no matter what I did the night before. I AM A MONSTER.

BUT. The week work is much easier to start when you have a great weekend behind you. A weekend where you didn't get embarassingly drunk (just normal drunk) and didn't do anything dumb dumb dumb.

I'm going to Vegas in 2 days. And I have absolutely no time to prepare for it! Also, I have a new show opening up next week and there is a ton of work left to do for it that I won't be around for. A little stressed out... but, I think I need this vacation.

Uh, yeah, I need this vacation.

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