Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Freeze Pop Happiness

Last night, while walking home from the bar, I was suffering from a case of heat exhaustion.  It was so hot in the theatre, and then really hot in the bar and it all gave me a huge headache. I couldn't even drink, it was too hot.

Evan wanted to get ice cream, so Kiley and I joined him.

“I like when you can just get one single ice cream.” Kiley said. Evan agreed, as he looked through the pints of Ben and Jerry’s to pick out what he wanted, the pint being a single serving.

I saw a freeze pop, and I wanted one. I hadn’t had one in years.

It was a quarter.

What can you get for a quarter these days?!? A freeze pop. That’s what you can get for a quarter these days.

And the guy even cut the top off for me!

I felt like a kid, and I walked home very happy.

It’s sad to say, especially since I was with all my friends all night and had a good show, but that was my favorite part of the night.


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