Monday, June 14, 2010

Off Days

today's one of those days where nothing feels right. my heart is going between beating extra slow, and extra fast. i keep breathing deeply to calm myself down. there have been many moments where i've slammed my head against my desk, or just stared off into space for a couple of minutes without realizing it. and it's only 11am. yikes.

since i can't go back in time to prevent myself from feeling this way.

here are some things that have cheered me up:

My fun nails.

My new desk accessory. Electricity!

This picture of Richie, from his last show. :(
(Him not being there isn't fun, but this picture is funny.)

A fun Leather Gang rehearsal.
Where Jeremy hijacked my Facebook and updated my status a million times.
The highlights being:

Oh boy.

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