Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Patty Party Ettiquette

A couple of months ago, IA held a VIP party at the W Hotel for the opening of the Second City show. These are some pictures to demonstrate a few lessons I learned.

{fitted blazers are nice, but not oversized ones. you'll look like a lesbian stand-up comedian. not just a regular lesbian, like kirsten over there!}

{look nice while posing with your boss... but make sure to grip your cocktail with all of your strength. it was free. protect that shit. especially from those two idiots on the ends. they'll steal your drinks.}

{stealing money from the bartender's tip jar is always hilarious. then FORCE the photographer to take pictures of you with it. you'll look so bad ass. as shown here.}

{support your roommate! she's the star!}


{but try not to fall.}

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