Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend of Comedy

I had really high hopes for my weekend, and because of that, I just knew it would suck. Turns out, I was wrong! Everything was just as great as I hoped it would be.

Starting with summer Friday! On Fridays, I get out of the office at 12:30. It's pretty amazing. I met up with Evan and Cavan (and later, Richie!) on the porch and we hung out and relaxed and ate delicious burgers. I even got some color! (I've been needing that... skin cancer beware.)

Then I met up with Steve and a slew of other people for Conan O'Brien!

It was AWESOME. Really... one of the best shows ever. It was a mix of his late-night show, with some funny personal stuff, great songs, special guests (Ed Helms/Dropkick Murphys). Super fun. Oh, and our tickets were for the balcony. But we ended up spotting a guy we used to work with at IA who was now working at the Wang Centre, and he moved us down to a corporate box! We were the only ones in there. It was pretty awesome.

I was also super impressed with the crowd he drew. Just a regular guy (maybe not so regular...) from Brookline, Massachusetts. And just because he was funny - he packed that theatre with thousands of people. He was like Hitler. No? Ok.

Saturday was IA's 12th anniversary party. It was my 5th anniversary party, and I was pretty excited about it. They're my favorite party of the year. We work really hard all year long, and then we get this party where we can drink all night until 6am and have fun with each other. I'm really proud to be a part of that company, because despite its problems (we do love to complain about anything and everything)... it's a GREAT place to work. Everyone there is wonderful - and hey, they give us a place to perform! Plus, this year, all my friends are on the NXT cast with me! So Trevor, Kelly, Mat Dann & I got to hang out as cast mates and co-workers and not just friends! I loved it.

We played flip cup, we danced, we did bits, we watched funny videos, we got $12, water bottles and blankets and an OPEN BAR.

So thanks to Norm, Chet and Stacey...
Without these 3, we wouldn't have any of this!
(Don't they look like fun people to work for?! Deceiving.)

Finally, on Sunday, we had a long rehearsal and the opening preview show of "Lost in Boston, or the Fenway We Were". We've been pretty stressed out about, and putting in a ton of rehearsal time... but guess what? IT WAS AWESOME. No one fucked up their lines, our improv was on point, and the sketches went over great. I was shaking throughout the whole first act... but by the time the show was over, my heart was racing a mile a minute because I was so happy.

Then my friends wrestled in a bar.

Hey! Comedy! Thanks for being you.
I'd be nowhere without ya!

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