Thursday, June 17, 2010

Who doesn't love bacon?

found here.
that's my new favorite blog.
she's suuuper creative and inspirational.
i wish i could do fun things like that.
i'm stuck with dumb improv comedy*

that's how i've been feeling about this day.
it's useless. such a useless day.

but guess what?
tomorrow's a new one!

i've been thinking of making inspirational posters that say:
"... at least there's bacon!"

who doesn't love bacon?

vegans. vegetarians. non-pork eaters.

i've spent the last half-hour drawing buttons on my arm.
and i bought new hair products at lunch,
and i can't wait to use them!
things are looking up for old ironsides!*

*i am old ironsides.

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