Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Whoa. It’s July! It’s not June anymore. When did that happen? I kind of feel like the summer is flying by far too fast – and I’ve been far too busy to enjoy it. But, I’m certainly enjoying it, nonetheless. And I’ve been busy for a reason!

Tonight’s the opening of the show! {!!!!!!!!!!} I honestly can’t believe it. We had some pretty long rehearsals over the weekend, and those rehearsals are always the worst and the best at the same time. For one, you’re going-going-going {like the Energizer bunny! LOL! hello? anyone there?} non-stop with very few breaks. But on the other hand, so much gets done and the whole show is finally put together and you finally get to see it all and say, “Wait, what? That’s what we’ve been doing? That’s how it looks? AWESOME.”

I’m so happy with it. So, so happy. The cast is the best cast around and I’m super confident in the show and our abilities. Here are some things I learned from this process:

- 9 white people hip-hop dancing is pretty hilarious. That being said, Dave Boz is a really great hip-hop dancer

- Improvisers subsist solely on pizza.

- Taking a red-eye home from Vegas then going straight to rehearsal isn’t the best idea. But, sometimes when you’re super tired, that’s when you’re funniest! Or at least it supplies you with unlimited Adam Lambert jokes, and the world needs more of those.

- Be a part of it all. This is my third revue with the NXT, and 5th time putting together a revue in general. Every process has been different, but one thing I’ve found consistently awesome is simply being a part of it. Throwing out suggestions, writing sketches, writing dumb songs, coming up with improv structures… even if they all get rejected. The show feels more special when you’ve really put a lot of effort into the creation of it.

- And finally, trust the director. It might feel like things are all over the place at time, but everything is done with good reason. And even if it’s not and they don’t know where the show is heading – they will! And the end product will be great!

If you're in Boston, come see the show!

Lost in Boston, or the Fenway We Were
Wednesdays & Sundays
8pm, $15
617-263-NUTS (6887)

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