Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crimson Strands

Yesterday I got a haircut, and I talked to my stylist who has been dying my hair red for five years now. I said, "I think I want to become a brunette." And she said "I love your hair red, but you're also killing your hair. Every time you come in I have to dye the whole thing because red fades, so it's killing your hair. If you dyed it brown, it'd be better."

So, all day I adjusted to the fact that soon, my red hair would be gone. I told my friends, Evan and Cavan, and they said supportive things like, "No. I don't like it." and "De-friend me on Facebook and take me out of your phone."

I adjusted to the fact that I would no longer have red hair, or be friends with the VanBots {from now on, that is what I'm calling those two}.

But then I see pictures like this, and I fall in love with red hair all over again:

Woe is me.

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