Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do You Wanna Know?

Good afternoon ladies and gents!

Today, I was listening to the song "I Don't Wanna Know" by Mario {in my head} and I thought, "Would I want to know that I was being cheated on? Of course I would!" I think any self-respecting human would want to know that they're being played a fool. But, those are situations where people. get. weird.

Last year, I was in a bar with this woman and we were talking about cheating in relationships. She said, "I wouldn't want to know! So, if my boyfriend's cheating on me, don't tell me!" {Side note: He was cheating on her.} I wanted to say, "Of course you want to know! You should know! I should be telling you so you can take a stand!" But that would have been weird. For so many reasons.

From the outside looking in, it's so easy to judge people for going back to ex-boyfriends, or for staying in unhealthy relationships, or for continuously making bad decisions. But, when you're in the situation, it's so hard to say no. It's so hard to give up comfort and convenience when the only other option is... nothing. Or starting over. People stay in emotional affairs {or sexual ones, I guess}, because it means they're at least in an affair. They have someone to call a jerk to their friends, and for their friends to call a jerk and they say "No! But you don't know him like I do! He's like so sweet sometimes!"

In Strangers with Candy {my new favorite show... pizza pizza pizza!}, there's an episode where Jerri is making out with this popular guy at school - except he always makes her hide in vents or dumpsters or the trunk of his car so nobody sees them together. At the end of the episode, she says, "I learned a lot about self-respect today... that I don't have any." and "We don't have self-respect, we have something better, someone to make out with." Which is funny.

Cause it's true.

Basically, we're all crazy. None of us have self-respect. Let's all make a stand!!!!!!!!!

Meh... too lazy.

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