Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'm Forcing You To Do This.

I ask you to see a lot of comedy shows.

Mine, on any given night.

The Main Stage at IA.

The Second City show, that happened a couple of months ago.

A show I am performing in my back yard this year.

But this one, you guys, is one you actually have to listen to me about. Because this is Kiley and Richie. They're 2 of the most hilarious improvisers to come out of the Improv Asylum. They've both recently left the stage to pursue different things {Kiley's going to perform on a Second City cruise! And Richie's going to stare at his niece for hours.} But they're back for one (more) night only! 

The most hilarious sketch show you'll ever see!!

Plus, they're my friends. I like them!

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