Friday, July 23, 2010

late-night shuffle

Last night, I was taking the T home from my show in Davis Square. I'm not a fan of riding the T alone past 2pm, but I wanted to get home and vomit in my own bathroom - not the bathroom of an Indian bar hosting Disco Night. {For the record, the vomit was due to potential poisoning of some sort, not alcohol-related.}

I had my iPod on shuffle and I realized that all of my music is absolutely terrible. I casually flipped through tons of songs, until I finally found one I felt I could listen to for more than 30 seconds. As I listened to the lyrics, I related to them more and more. I wanted to shout, "You sing it! You're right!" And that's when it hit me...

If there is a song written about my problems, then my problems aren't so big. Or rather, they're too big. Too popular. They probably even have their own Facebook page. This song was one of a hundred written about the same topic. And hearing the same thing sung over and over... makes me feel pretty dumb.

Turns out, I'm just one of 1,0298988921839 (there are no other commas. that is an actual number) people in the world that feels beaten down by life every now and then. I hate that. I want to have my own problems!

Oh, and that song was, of course, "Earth Song" by Michael Jackson.

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