Sunday, July 4, 2010

NXT-Mad Men'd.

 This is Trevor during the intermission of the show, he's outside on a cigarette break. Dressed in a suit, winking at ladies and about to light their cigarettes.
 This is Michelle. She enjoys tropical drinks outside during the summer, and picnics with all sorts of interesting foods with her boyfriend, Jonah.

This is Dave. Dave's drinking a bloody mary and he's only angry because he feels as though that woman lying down is judging him. He's saying, "Just because I'm a man doesn't man I can't drink a bloody mary! It's not just a woman's drink! Y'know what? Forget it. You don't get it."

This is Kelly. You can't tell this, but she's actually sleeping in that picture. She has a tendency to walk in her sleep towards the kitchen, and sleep eat. In this photo, she's wearing a TON of jewelery, and she sleep-walked all the way to the office, where she is smoking and eating a donut.

And finally, this is Mat Dann. He's as casual as casual can be. Wearing a nice pair of shoes with casual attire. He's drinking a nice drink, and his wifegirlfriend Jenna is in the kitchen, probably rolling her eyes at him while he calls her his buttercup and laughs "a-tee-hee-hee"

This is what we do at bars.

While eating $1 hot dogs.

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