Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oysters, Friends & Franks

Last night, I met up with a few friends for oysters. It was my first time! I thought they were okay. I explained to Cavan that they tasted "like the reason you're afraid of seafood. They taste like how you think they'd taste." Slimy, salt-watery... you know. But I could deal with them. But the burger that Evan and I split with fried oysters on it was pretty delicious.

Then, we walked down to the waterfront and dangled our franks* over the edge. I couldn't stop thinking of how I would die. I'd accidentally fall to my death on the rocks below. Or land in the harbor and automatically die from poison. But, from that picture, the water looks so pretty and blue. I can assure you that in person, it does not look so pretty. But, that's why I love it. Or something.

We finished our evening with ice cream at a place in Faneuil Hall. I hate Faneuil Hall any other time, because it's always so crowded, over-priced, nobody takes cash, nobody knows how to walk. But, it was pretty empty, and ice cream is good. And so are my friends. And so is the summer. And so are bananas.

*franks, again, are freckly ankles. Look at those things!

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