Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Last night, I had the opportunity to perform in a couple of sketches written by the graduating members of IA's recently launched Sketch Writing Program. I was super impressed by the sketches, and how involved these writers were. It was a totally different experience than... anything I've experienced.

I've been in sketch and improv revues, and even performed in sketches written by other people, but usually it's people I know. I didn't know any of those guys - and I was cast in their sketches, and they were counting on me to not fuck them up. I was super nervous - a nervousness I hadn't felt since probably my grad show in 2006 - because this was their grad show and I really didn't want to let them down. But, thankfully, I think we all came through! It was really awesome.

If you're interested in sketch writing, I totally suggest you take the Sketch Writing Program. For one, it's taught by Marty Johnson - one of the most talented writers and performers out there. For two (yup, that's a saying), it's great for people who just want to write and get their material out there and produce something really awesome. It's a really cool feeling to see words that came out of your brain performed in front of your eyes by different people. Like when I wrote that play.


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