Monday, July 26, 2010

Things to Love... (on a Monday)

2. strangers with candy - one of the best friday night activities... when you can't drink... because you're sick from food poisoning... or something...

3. why does j.crew make everything look better?
and charge a million bucks for it.
by the way, i'm in love with that girl.

 4. christina hendricks is perfect.
(as well as the reason I stayed a red head on Friday)

5. fun marshmallows! that are also edible.

6. I want to die there.
via Architectural Digest.

7. First of all, the return of Domino Magazine on makes me happy.
And this wall... I want it all.

8. Things I've Bought That I Love
A blog by Mindy Kaling simply about material things she loves.
Super funny & adorable. Stopped updating in 2008 :(

9. Ignore the fact that I stayed up late on Friday night (4am) to watch
Confessions of a Shopaholic. {didn't like it!}
But how cute is Isla Fischer!

10. Love Letters Sheet Set.
It's probably just because I'm tired and I want to be in bed.

Have a good Monday!

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