Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cheering Up

Over the weekend, my friend Trevor was bummed out. So, a few of my friends and I declared Saturday “Trevor’s Day of Fun”. Even if it meant we couldn't go on the Codzilla. Booooo!

During the day, we shopped, ate Wendy's and made fun of my love for belting. I love a belt! Is that so wrong?

Then we got dressed up and hit the town! Mad Men style! We went to the Liberty Hotel and had some {super expensive} drinks! And after that, things got less Mad Men-y. Yes, like an hour into our Mad Men night. We left the fancy bar to walk across town to an Asian karaoke place. It was closed. We walked further away to some bar called Flash’s {which I dubbed a lesbian bar, but Jeremy told me definitely wasn't. Pfft.} Kelly and I walked in and sat down alone on the same side of the table. We both ordered the “Lesbian Fizz”.

It was all fine, because our handsome gentlemen walked in after us! “Look! We’re with boys!” I wanted to shout, but instead I said to the waitress, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like a character on Mad Men?” “No, I’ve never seen it.” “Oh, well, you look like this one girl. She’s very pretty!”

We never saw her again. We immediately had a new waitress. {Who I shall call Renee, because she looked like my friend Matt Catanzano’s girlfriend. Also very pretty!}

So, it was pretty clear the waitress thought I was a lesbian. Whatever. I didn’t care, because three cocktails later I passed out at the table. I didn’t even realize I had that much to drink until Bryan and Trevor kept shoving me to wake me up. Eventually, I woke up.

And ten minutes later I was sitting in the basement of an incredibly bright Chinese restaurant, named the Peach Farm, eating scallion pancakes and lo mein at 3am.

Overrall, I woke up feeling okay {thankfully} and Trevor got a good laugh at my expense {really, who falls asleep at tables?} and I got to be a good friend while hanging out with good friends. Even if our Mad Men night wasn't so authentic.

P.s. I love Trevor.

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