Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall over me.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the summer before I went to college. June and July was spent living the life of luxury – or something like that. I did nothing. I didn’t work, I didn’t do anything productive, I spent most days driving around in my car with no destination or sitting around with my friend Janine playing Grand Theft Auto. Then, the second August hit – it was a frenzy of back-to-school shopping and preparing to leave home for the first time. {Granted, it was only 15 minutes away.}

Now, August shows up - and it’s just an awkward month for me. Summer’s fading away… I’m fed up with the heat, I’m tired of my wardrobe, my shows are winding down {and starting to get sillier and sillier}. And I have NO need to buy folders, backpacks or Extra Long Twin Sheets. I’m just ready for fall.

I’m ready for boots, sleeping with my window open and needing a blanket, heavier cardigans, taking my kids apple picking {I don’t have kids…}, and having a teensy tiny little bit more free time. New seasons bring on fresh starts and y’know; I’m just really in the mood for a fresh start.

But, let's face it, the weirdest part of this whole blog entry is that I used to sit home all day and play Grand Theft Auto. I loooooooove a good killing spree.

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