Thursday, August 12, 2010

If I Could Change The World..

Puppies would be as easy to take care of as cats.

The song “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” would be the national anthem.

Audiences wouldn’t be so dumb. Or, on the occasion that they’re smart (or just know general knowledge), I would also know those things and not look dumb on stage! Pfft, Chernobyl disaster, you’re not a real thing.

Clocks would not only tell the time, but tell you how you look in the morning.

There would be hair-tie dispensers in bathrooms. {No, I don't need a tampon. I don't need a condom. I need to put my hair up!}

Pizza would be the healthiest thing in the world.

Nothing would ever break down. {Printers, gfy.}

We could get over people with the snap of a finger.

Little {fashionable} gnomes would put together our outfits in the morning, so when we woke up - it would all be laid out at the bottom of our bed.

There would be a potion to change our moods. And it would taste like that lesbian fizz drink I had the other night.

Michael Jackson would still be alive... not just in our hearts.

Oh, right, and I guess I would cure cancer/end all terrible things/help people/do good things/make the world a better place.

But that's just ridiculous!

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