Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning

... we're all a bunch of idiots.

Sometimes it's just the nights where we can't go to sleep because our brains are running a mile a minute - showing flashbacks of our biggest regrets, telling us things we should have said or things we should say in the future, reminding us that we may not be in as good a place as we thought and making us feel bad for Heidi Montag.

Sometimes it's just deciding to stay out WAY past our bed times, drink WAY more than we should and do very stupid, life-changing, regrettable things... like eat arancinis.

What is it about the clock hitting midnight that makes us GO INSANE?!

... but once the sun comes up and the morning rolls around, sanity is returned (for the most part) and life isn't as bad as it seems.

I blame nocturnal creatures like Ratatouille. There's no reason for you to be in a kitchen. Get out. You're garbage.

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