Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mat Dann vs. Sailors

My friend, Mat Dann, just doesn’t like sailors. He thinks they sail into town in search of boobs… mainly his girlfriend Jenna’s.

One night, after a show, we all started to leave. All of a sudden, Mat yelled, “NO” as he walked up the staircase. He immediately went back downstairs in anger. I thought, maybe, there was a cute puppy or something and he couldn’t go out and look at it because he wants one so bad. I actually have no idea what I thought.

But as I climbed the staircase to find out, I just saw a group of sailors.

Then laughed really hard. He really doesn’t like them!

My friend, Casey, took this picture outside {after forcing him to go outside}, and I think it’s perfect. I love Mat Dann.

{This is also right before I kept pushing Mat to go to the bar for a drink, and when he'd say "Well, I can't really drink in this shirt..." I'd continue to push him, thinking he was worried about looking good - but it was actually because he can't drink in his EMT shirt. I guess that makes sense...}

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