Sunday, August 1, 2010

Teeth Dreams.

On Friday, I took a nap {or two} and in that nap, I had a dream that I was napping. I know, weird. But my napping self was awoken by the sudden crumbling of a tooth. Dream Nap Patty got out of bed, ran to the bathroom, and held pieces of her tooth in her hand.

Real Life Napping Patty woke up in a fright. She ran to the bathroom {just like in the dream}, but instead found her tooth in one piece.

It was... the worst.

I just looked up what teeth dreams meant, since Kelly told me that it meant money problems. Which makes a lot of sense these days. But there's more! According to the trusty internet, I found these gems:

"Since nourishment is taken in through the mouth, losing teeth may also indicate fear of financial loss – the inability to put food on the table or in one’s mouth." That "one" would be me. I'm swimming in zero's of dollars.

"Alternatively, these dreams may indicate that there is something one wants to do but is afraid of doing for fear of the embarrassment of failure. It may be the psyche’s way of saying that there is something one wants to do but fears doing because of the embarrassment if one fails." Always.

'Feelings of abandonment can be likened to the feelings one experiences in tooth loss dreams. Feelings of abandonment may feel similar to the feeling of the hole left in the mouth in tooth loss dreams."

"They may be warnings that one is revealing too much information with the lost teeth standing in for the secrets one is revealing." Keep your treasures locked up in your treasure box!

All found here.

In conclusion, naps are trying to sabotage me and I refuse to take part in their games.

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