Monday, August 2, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

1. a striped bow tie.
the number one way to get me to make out with you.

2. A gold foil map that you scratch off like a lottery ticket!

3. bensimon lace-ups in green.
madewell is another one that wins every time.

5. Wool Felt Massachusetts pillow.

6. iSketches by Jorge Colombo.

Me and my laptop want to have an affair with you.

8. Baroque bookshelves!
I'd fill you up with so many copies of Confessions of a Shopaholic.
Found through i am a greedy girl.

9. This vintage picnic basket!
I bet if I had that, my friends {like, I don't know, Evan} wouldn't ditch me for picnics.
Thrifted and refurbished by Film and Thread

10. If I could make love to this wallpaper, I would.
Anthropologie, you've done it

just remember, your next weekend hangover is only a few days away.

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