Monday, August 16, 2010

Things to Love on a Monday

1. this very cute engagement picture.
i'm obsessed with engagement pictures.
and i really can't wait for fall!

if i was unemployed, i'd totally do something creative to get hired.
{just kidding. i'm lazy.}

3. well, obviously.

4. i can't explain why this makes me so happy.
but it does. LLAMA!

5. getting im'd at work, "do you know who defeated the nazis?"
and then having THAT sent to me.
The squirrel's name is Terry.

6. while we're on the topic of dolls.

7. button earrings from Fred Flare.

8. Smores Bar from Chocomize.
 thanks to Shannon Murphy for showing me the cuteness!

9. fashionable cleaning gloves!
maybe these, from Gloveables, would make me clean more often.
found via We Heart This.

10. i wish i lived there.
from The Rockstar Diaries.

i hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
i'm currently on my way back from a trip to DC.
i hope it was a good trip.
{i'm writing this before i go! IT'S MAGIC.}

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