Monday, August 23, 2010

Things To Love on a {rainy} Monday

2. this awesome tattoo.
that's where i always wanted mine

i don't know why i'm so into bikes lately.
via You Are My Fave.

4. Yes, I do want this Barbie and Ken lunchbox.

5. this photo of the Etsy offices.
doesn't it look like such a cool place to work?
telephone booth door!
via i am a greedy girl.

6. circus themed engagement shoot!
{i know. i get it. i'm obsessed with engagement photos!}
via Green Wedding Shoes.

7. hello gorgeous.

8. "hi, i'm an adorable j.crew model!"

9. i'm really coming around to wallpaper.
i used to think it was so cheesy, but i love it now.
via Being Red

10. jenny lewis is too cute.

things i love without pictures:
the new season of project runway.
the tv show, Chopped.
cooler temps.
the song, "get ready for this" by 2 Unlimited.
and south street diner.

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