Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Things To Love on a Tuesday

tell me it's real.

2. this room looks so cozy.
and i love that framed print.
found via i am a greedy girl.

trick tricks!
via eat drink chic.

4. because christmas is only like four months away...

saw this in the bookstore, nearly cried.
but it's pretty damn cute.

6. this brings a whole new, delicious meaning to cheese cake.
found via a cup of jo.

7. one of my favorite warhol's.
and depicts my attitude towards today.

8. my dream house.
because i love water.
and when harry potter escaped to a house like this...
found via You Are My Fave.

9. Everything Pixar makes is the cutest.

10. because i can't wait for fall.
god, i love boots.
thanks again, I Am A Greedy Girl!

i've been super busy. work has been kind of overwhelming.
but luckily, i de-stressed last night with cocktails from Silvertone.
A sleeping pill.
And Bewitched on Hulu!

have a good tuesday!

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