Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

The sun is shining! Getting up at 7:30 was no problem at all. My walk to Starbucks was glorious. Days are so much easier when the sun is peaking through your window – and you made the wise decision to have one drink at the bar and go home at a reasonable hour.

Today, I read a blog where some girl said {regarding crushes}, “I just like having someone to text dumb things to.” And it’s true. I like doing it, and I like being that person to someone. I like having someone who thinks about me when they think of dumb things. That is it exactly. “I like cheese. Better text Patty!”

I can’t stand people who have SUCH STRONG BELIEFSand absolutely NO knowledge or understanding of the subject to back it up. “I hate Obama!” “Why?” “Because he’s not doing anything he said he would!” “Like… what?” Hate Obama, or don’t – at least have a clear reason WHY.

Tonight’s Matt’s last show with AC. I’m sad.

My tattoo is so itchy, it’s driving me insane. I’m scratching everywhere on my arm {except the tattood area} in hopes that it’ll take away the itch ON my tattoo. No luck.

My style is very me. I like me.

Everyone always says people in Boston are assholes. I always disagree. I mean, at least out of all the major cities – I’ve experience bigger dickheads elsewhere. But that all changed this weekend, when I had someone staying with me from California, and I realized not only how much of an asshole I was – but also my friends! We’re all kind of judgmental dicks who are hesitant to trust anyone. Everyone's "weird". Guess what? So are we.

My job is not the kind of job where I go home and think "Ugh, I hate my job!" It's not the kind of job that I want to talk about with people. If someone says, "How was work?" I say, "It was fine." and I mean it. It's fine. It's always fine. It makes me angry sometimes, and once it hits 5:30 I'M OUTTA THERE, and there are days - oh, yes there are - where I want to walk out and never look back. But those moments don't last very long. I like having a job that I don't have to take bullshit home with me. A broken printer is my problem during the day... but the night is mine.

I'm kinda tired.

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