Monday, September 27, 2010


In rehearsal yesterday, we had ten minutes to come up with black outs. Basically, just really quick couple-of-line sketches that end with a twist.

For example:

"Man, that sex was great."
"Yeah it was awesome."
"Can't wait to do it again!"
"Me neither! I'll see you when you get home from school honey."
"OK, bye Dad!"

You see! You think it’s a normal couple talking about some sexing, but turns out! It’s incest! And gross. Totally gross. I’m sorry about that one, everyone. I wish I could say that I’ve never written a blackout that involved incest and actually made it into the show… but I did. And there was some making out, too. Extra gross.

Anyways, in my ten minutes I came up with some really, really, really good material. Here’s my favorite:
“Couple sits down and orders a pepperoni pizza. Waiter brings mushroom pizza to the table.”

GET IT? They ordered.. a... pepperoni pizza.. and got... a different type of pizza.

No, yeah, I get it. It's too artsy. Went over your head.

I'm funny.

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