Thursday, September 23, 2010

I light up the room!

Charisma Carpenter... has nothing to do with this post. Only her name. Remember Buffy?

Guess what you guys? Turns out that I'm charismatic! O Magazine told me!

There was a quiz, and I passed with flying colors. My score was between 61 and 72, which means:

You have a hard time going unnoticed. You are one of the lucky few (only 5 percent of people score above 60) with that uncanny ability to light up a room. You probably have some experience as a performer, and are especially expressive and sensitive to others.
Yes, all that is true. I light up rooms like all the time, and it's not only because of my flash light key chain. I am a performer! I perform for dozens of people a week. DOZENS!

The recipe for charisma:

1 part Expressiveness (a talent for spontaneously striking up conversations and easily conveying your feelings)
1 part Sensitivity (a gift for listening and sussing out other people's mind-sets)
1 part Control (the ability to fine-tune your persona to fit the mood and social makeup of any group)

I think I've got the recipe down. I'd tell you the steps to boosting your charisma, but then you might have more charisma than me, and well - I don't want that. I mean, c'mon! When too many lights are on in a room, the electricity goes out! I'm doing the world a favor. JUST GIVE ME THIS.

I always knew Oprah would help me in someway. And today she has. And if I were with her, I would hug her... and she'd tell me everything is going to be all right. And I'd believe her. Because she's Oprah. And she's charismatic!

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