Wednesday, September 8, 2010

lunching like Aladdin

The other night I made plans with Kirsten for lunch. Of course, it was somewhere in the midst of a tequila rampage, so I didn’t remember until she texted me about it today. Woops. But, what else do I have to do? Work? No thanks! I get hour lunch breaks again!

She decided to take me to the farmer’s market that’s at Government Center every Monday and Wednesday. There was a bakery cart that had all these baguettes and croissants and I wanted all of them. But ultimately, we got a baguette, a couple of peaches, a tomato and some green beans.
It was delicious! And awesome! I never do fun things during my break. (No offense, Roberto. I think you’re very entertaining.) But, it was good to sit on some grass and eat out of a bag of bread like I was the lesbian version of Aladdin. {Except we didn't steal. We do gotta eat to live, but we don't have to steal to eat.}

I like Kirsten. She’s nice, supportive of everything I do and say and she won’t stop hitting on me. All in all, a pretty decent person to go on a magic carpet ride with.

Ok, that sounded gross.

1 comment:

Kirsten! said...

More Aladdin references!!!!

Tell you all about it when I got the time.

Love you always.


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