Thursday, September 30, 2010


i don't write a lot anymore because i don't have a lot to say. i'm trying to reduce talking about my personal life. {in general, not just in blog format.}

i could talk about how i dyed my hair brown. and how my heart kind of hurts because i miss being a red head, but i feel like this color just suits me very well. but... it's hair. talking about hair is as interesting as showing people your vacation pictures {and not nearly as fun as looking at friends of friends vacation pictures on Facebook.}

i can talk about how i've been doing a lot of yoga and trying to eat better. i love it a whole lot. my body feels great. i don't hate getting out of bed. my joints hurt less {p.s. i'm 24}. and when i don't do it in a day, i get really antsy and weird. i'm staying at my parents' house this week, and i felt so weird that i went home to get my yoga mat. hopefully that will balance out the cupcakes and Smartfood i've been eating.

my sister broke her ankle. i took a couple of days off to help her out, since she can't really move. usually, i'm the one who hurts her ankle. so i'm pretty annoyed that she's stealing my thing. because of that, i keep strolling around the house, running up and down stairs, and moving around a lot to show off the fact that i still have the ability to walk... for things like cupcakes and Smartfood.

other than that, i'm stuck in a rut. and a series of unhealthy relationships. and i have no money to buy boots. hopefully that passes soon.

but, at the very least, mad men is awesome.

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