Monday, September 6, 2010

Things To Love on a Monday

i never write letters. and i love my handwriting.
but this is totally awesome.
found via Sarah Jio.

3. Liz and Jack, in candy form!

4. a tiny little grill made out of an Altoids tin!
i showed this to my friend at work and he said, 
"perfect for the barbecue i'm having with mice this weekend!"

5. tap shoes necklace.

so. cute.

7. schwinn bike! i almost bought this at Target on Saturday.

8. i love tote bags. especially the french grocery list one!

because i miss going back to school. kind of. not really.

10. ok. it's only because liz lemon had it.
and she had to hide in jenna's office.

so, that's that.
happy labor day!

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