Monday, September 13, 2010

Things To Love on a Monday

1. this color scheme.

how ridiculously amazing is Mad Men this season?

3. yes, i will marry you. {the outfit. ok fine. and the girl.}

4. a lace fence. siiigh.

5. um, yup. my thoughts exactly.

6. another... bike...
i have a problem.

7. conversation pillows.
8. super cute typewriter illustration by Nan Lawson.

9. and another engagement photo shoot. 
trevor, our engagement photos are going to be so fun!
{btw, trevor and i are not getting married.}

10. another Nan Lawson illustration, because this is the story of my life.
take that Ryan McFarland!
(i don't know what i'm saying "take that" about)

happy monday!
it feels like fall!
except i'm still wearing sandals.

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